Family-run business since 1989

Inspired by beauty in all its forms

Our tradition

Khazana, Boutique Indienne is a Geneva-based, family-run business established in 1989 and specialises in artisanal jewellery and textiles originating from India.

Born from a passion for Indian culture, Khazana, or "Treasure" in Urdu, was created with the desire to blend the nation’s age-old tradition of craftsmanship with Switzerland’s rigorous quality standards.

We are inspired by beauty in all its forms. Our jewellery, textiles, clothing and accessories are designed and crafted by artisans with decades of experience who like their ancestors have spent their lifetimes perfecting their art.

This tradition of artisanal objects made from high quality materials and offered at a reasonable value is Khazana’s principle goal.

Khazana, Boutique Indienne was the dream of one person: Shami Taneja. Created in 1989 after a long stint in the medical field, Shami wanted to share her passion and love for handcrafted objects with like-minded people. She travelled across India and Pakistan getting to know the people and the stories behind each object. 


Now in its second generation, the family business is managed and run by her son: Anil Taneja. Educated in Geneva and London, Anil, like his mom, shares an equally deep passion for India's rich history of craftsmanship and quality.

Our history


Our products


Inspired by India's diverse and rich cultural history, our jewellery collections will take you on a journey through India's many regions. The rich colours often associated with its culture are reflected in our unique pieces and the myriad designs are sure to satisfy all tastes, occasions and outfits. 

The jewellery is made with 100% real 925 sterling silver and the gems (both precious and semi-precious) are of the highest quality. 


Our textiles and garments are made with the perfect combination of high quality fabrics to provide a sensory experience unlike any other. We are specialised in dresses (both male and female) as well as pashminas and scarves made with the highest quality wool, cotton and silk. 

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